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Table of Contents for
Florence Nightingale’s Theology: Essays, Letters and Journal Notes: Collected Works of Florence Nightingale, Volume 3, edited by Lynn McDonald


Dramatis Personae

List of Illustrations

A Précis of the Collected Works

Introduction to Volume 3

Key to Editing

Fraser’s Magazine Articles

“A ‘Note’ of Interrogation”

“A Sub ‘Note of Interrogation.’ I What Will Be Our Religion in 1999?”

Reaction to the Fraser’s Magazine Essays

A Note on Liberty

Nightingale’s Unpublished Essays

“What Is Theology?”

“The Character of God”

“Evidence of a Perfect God”



“Christian Fellowship/God’s Fellowship”

“The Family”

“The New Moral World”

“Private Judgment”

“Truth and Feeling”

Journal Notes and Letters


The Nature of God and Christ

The Afterlife, Heaven and Hell

Three Visions

The Place of Mysticism

Correspondence and Notes on Roman Catholicism

Letters to, from and about Henry Manning

Letters to Rev Mother Mary Clare Moore

Religious Orders

The Convent of Port Royal

Letters and Notes on “Going Over to Rome”

Correspondence and Notes on Protestantism

Protestant Denominations and Divisions

Her Evangelical “Aunt,” Hannah Nicholson

Heresy Charges against F.D. Maurice

With Her Father, W.E. Nightingale, on Religion

With Her Evangelical Brother-in-Law, Sir Harry Verney

On Protestant Sisterhoods

On Michael Faraday and the Sandemanian Sect

On the Church in Ireland

To Home Missionary Catherine Marsh

Miscellaneous Letters and Notes: Clergy and Missionaries

On the Selection of Vicars at Claydon

Exchanges with Jowett on Religion



Nightingale’s Proposals for The School and Children’s Bible edited by Gérard Vallée

Notes and Excerpts from/for Benjamin Jowett

The Controversy over Essays and Reviews

Excerpts from Devotional Reading

Robert Falconer

Tale of the Refugee Nuns

Notes from the Marquise de Lafayette


Appendix A: Biographical Sketches

Benjamin Jowett (1817–93)

Henry Edward (Cardinal) Manning (1808–92)

(Rev Mother) Mary Clare Moore (1814–74)

Mary Jones (1812–87)



Names and Subjects

Biblical References