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Table of Contents for
Florence Nightingale on Public Health Care: Collected Works of Florence Nightingale, Volume 6, edited by Lynn McDonald


Dramatis Personae

List of Illustrations

Florence Nightingale: A Précis of the Collected Works

Introduction to Volume 6

Public Health Care as a System

Key to Editing

Notes on Nursing for the Labouring Classes

Editor’s Introduction


Notes on Nursing: What It Is and What It Is Not

Chapter 1. Ventilation and Warming

Chapter 2. Health of Houses

Chapter 3. Petty Management

Chapter 4. Noise

Chapter 5. Variety

Chapter 6. Taking Food

Chapter 7. What Food?

Chapter 8. Bed and Bedding

Chapter 9. Light

Chapter 10. Cleanliness of Rooms and Walls

Chapter 11. Personal Cleanliness

Chapter 12. Chattering Hopes and Advices

Chapter 13. Observation of the Sick

Chapter 14. Convalescence

Chapter 15. What Is a Nurse?

Chapter 16. “Minding Baby”


Note Upon Employment of Women


Revisions for a Proposed 1875 Edition

Colonial Sanitary Statistics and Aboriginal Depopulation

“Sanitary Statistics of Native Colonial Schools and Hospitals”

“Sick-Nursing and Health-Nursing”

The Reform of Workhouse Infirmaries

Workhouse Infirmaries in Nightingale’s Day

The Liverpool Workhouse Infirmary

The Appointment of Agnes Jones as Superintendent

Death of and Memorials to Agnes Jones

Later Superintendents and Difficulties

The Extension of Workhouse Nursing to Metropolitan London

Brief to the Cubic Space Comittee

Training Pauper Girls to Become Workhouse Nurses

The Metropolitan Poor Bill of 1867

Workhouse Infirmary for St Pancras, Highgate

Training School for Workhouse Nurses

Other Workhouse Infirmaries

The Extension of Nursing to Workhouse Infirmaries in Ireland

Public Health Issues, Rural Health and Nightingale’s “Caseload”

Nature, Disease, Germs and Contagion

Rural Health

“Rural Hygiene”

Medical Care of Employees, Former Employees and Tenants


Appendix: Biographical Sketches

(Dr) John Sutherland (1808–91)

William Rathbone (1802–1902)

Agnes Elizabeth Jones (1832–68)