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Table of Contents for
Discipline, Devotion, and Dissent: Jewish, Catholic, and Islamic Schooling in Canada, edited by Graham P. McDonough, Nadeem A. Memon, and Avi I. Mintz

Introduction | Graham P. McDonough, Nadeem A. Memon, and Avi I. Mintz

Part A: Aims and Practices

1. The Jewish Day Schools of Canada | Seymour Epstein

2. The Distinctiveness of Catholic Education | Mario O. D’Souza, csb

3. Between Immigrating and Integrating: The Challenge of Defining an Islamic Pedagogy in Canadian Islamic Schools | Nadeem A. Memon

Part B: Faith and Citizenship

4. Jewish Education, Democracy, and Pluralistic Engagement | Greg Beiles

5. Canadian Catholic Schools: Sacred and Secular Tensions in a Free and Democratic Society | J. Kent Donlevy

6. London Islamic School: Millstone or Milestone? | Asma Ahmed

Part C: Dissent and Critical Thinking

7. The Changed Context for Jewish Day-School Education | Alex Pomson and Randal F. Schnoor

8. Teaching Subject Matter That is Controversial among Catholics: Implications for Intellectual Growth in the Church | Graham P. McDonough

9. A Canadian Islamic School in Perspective: A Critique of the “Moderate” and “Strong” Categories in Faith-Based Schooling | Qaiser Ahmad


10. Diversity and Deliberation in Faith-Based Schools: Implications for Educating Canadian Citizens | Avi I. Mintz


The Contributors