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Table of Contents for
Romantic Hospitality and the Resistance to Accommodation by Peter Melville


Introduction: Reading the Foreign: Romantic Hospitality and the Resistance to Accommodation

Of Mice and Women: A Preliminary Case Study for a Theory of Romantic Hospitality

Reading the Romantic Foreign

The Impossibility of Hospitality and the Resistance to Accommodation

Chapter One: Unsettling Rousseau: Hospitality in Emile and Discourse on Inequality

Hostile Hermit, Inhospitable Levite

Belated Welcomes: Hospitality in Emile

“L’hospitalité de Calypso”

The Sleepy Carib: Rousseau as Host

Chapter Two: The Rights of the Stranger: Kant’s “Bond of Hospitality”

Eating, Tasting, Hosting: Toward a Philosophy of the Dinner Table

The Politics of Eating (with) Others

Staging the Nation: Hospitable Performances in the Anthropology

International Hospitality and the Conditioning of a Perpetual Peace

On the Foreigner in Perpetual Peace

Chapter Three: Coleridge and the Poetics of Hospitable Failure

A Mouse in the House

Coleridge and the Fort-Da Game of Hospitality

The Case of “Christabel”

The Fluttering “Stranger” and the Failure of the Hospitable Imagination

Two Too Many Sisters: Coleridge’s Discursive Homelessness

Chapter Four: Hospitality without End: “Visitation” and Obligation in Mary Shelley’s The Last Man

The “Work” of Lionel’s Narrative and the Death of the Reader

Animal Hospitality and the “Lure” of Language

Visiting the Sibyl

Plague as Metaphor and the History of Disease

“Visitations” of the Plague

Ryland’s Pineapples, England’s Hospital

Foreign Bodies / Foreign Infections (Conclusion)

Conclusion: Romantic Hospitality to Come

Guest as Allergen

Unspeakable Acts: Toward a Hospitality to Come

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