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Table of Contents for
Aid and Ebb Tide: A History of CIDA and Canadian Development Assistance by David R. Morrison

List of Tables and Figures

List of Acronyms

Chronology of Key Events

List of Ministers and Senior Officials


01. Defining Canadian Development Assistance

02. The Early Years, 1950–66

03. Maurice Strong and the Creation of CIDA, 1966–70

04. Global Expansion and Growing Pains, 1970–77

05. Retrenchment and Reorientation, 1977–80

06. Rethinking the Mission, 1980–83

07. Multiple Mandates and Partners, 1983–89

08. A Jolt of Fresh Energy? ODA Policy Reviewed, 1984–89

09. Shifting Gears, 1989–93

10. Ebb Tide, 1993–98

11. Explaining Canadian ODA


A. Canadian Official Development Assistance: Selected Components, Total, and ODA/GNP Ratio, 1949–50 to 1996–97

B. Percentage Distribution of Canadian Government-to-Government ODA by Region, Ten-Year Cumulative Totals, 1950–60, and Five-Year Cumulative Totals, 1960–95

C. Top Twenty Recipients of Canadian Government-to-Government ODA at Five-Year Intervals, 1960–61 to 1995–96

D. Core/Category I and Non-Core/Category II Countries, 1978, 1981, 1986

E. Publicly Financed Technical Assistance Personnel and Students and Trainees Supported by Canadian ODA, Five-Year Intervals, 1965–95

F. Canadian ODA: Proportion of DAC Effort and Comparative Standing, Five-Year Intervals, 1960–95

G. Percentage Distribution of All Attributable Country-to-Country Aid by Region, Canada and DAC Donors, 1970–71, 1980–81, and 1995–96

H. Percentage Distribution of Attributable Country-to-Country Aid by Country Income Level, Canada and All DAC Donors, 1970–71, 1980–81, and 1995–96

I. Canadian Multilateral ODA: Proportion of DAC Effort and Comparative Standing, Selected Years