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Table of Contents for
IDRC: 40 Years of Ideas, Innovation, and Impact by Bruce Muirhead and Ronald N. Harpelle

List of Acronyms and Abbreviations

Foreword | Barbara McDougall

Introduction: Canada and the “Evolution” of Development Assistance, 1945–70

Chapter 1. The Idea Bears Fruit, 1967–70

Chapter 2. IDRC Takes Shape: David Hopper Sets the Pace, 1970–77

Chapter 3. Ivan Head at the Helm, Part I: 1978–83: IDRC in High Gear: Projects, Plans, and Operations

Chapter 4. Ivan Head Redux, 1983–91: A Darkening Horizon

Chapter 5. Cutbacks and Countermeasures: Keith Bezanson and IDRC in Retreat, 1991–97

Chapter 6. Maureen O’Neil and a New Millennium, 1997–2008: On the Road Again

Chapter 7. Conclusion