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Table of Contents for
The One Best Way? Breastfeeding History, Politics, and Policy in Canada by Tasnim Nathoo and Aleck Ostry

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Authors’ Notes

Introduction: The One Best Way

Part 1: Transitions, 1850–1920

1. Infant Mortality, Social Reform, and Milk, 1850–1910

2. Theory and Formulas: Scientific Medicine and Breastfeeding, 1900–1920

3. Nation, Race, and Motherhood: The Political Ideology of Breastfeeding 1910–20

Part 2: Decline, 1920–60

4. Professionals and Government, 1920–30

5. Marketing Infant Feeding, 1930–940

6. Old-Fashioned, Time-Consuming, and a Little Disgusting, 1940–60

Part 3: Resurgence, 1960–2000

7. The Return to Breastfeeding, 1960–80

8. Promoting Breastfeeding, 1980–90

9. Protecting, Promoting, and Supporting? 1990–2000

Part 4: At Equilibrium: Into the Twenty-first Century

10. Continuities and Change: Breastfeeding in Canada at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century

11. Using the Past to Look Forward: Breastfeeding Policy for the Twenty-first Century

Conclusion: The Politics of “Choice”


Appendix A: Timeline of Infant Feeding in Canada

Appendix B: Infant Mortality in Canada

Appendix C: The Canadian Mother’s Book

Appendix D: Percentage of Births Occurring in Hospital, 1926–1974

Appendix E: National Surveys of Breastfeeding Practices

Appendix F: Evolution of Canadian Infant Feeding Guidelines from 1923–2004