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Table of Contents for
Woldemar Neufeld’s Canada: A Mennonite Artist in the Canadian Landscape 1925–1995, edited by Laurence Neufeld and Monika McKillen; text by Hildi Froese Tiessen and Paul Gerard Tiessen

Arrival in Canada 1924–25

Building Bridges

European Roots: Russia

Forgetting Russia

“Russian Mennonites” in Canada

“Ontario Mennonites” and “Waterloo County”

The Canadian Art Scene: Homer Watson and the Group of Seven

Early Years in Canada 1925–35

At Home and Away

Block Printing: Black and White

Art Society of Kitchener

Early Exhibitions

An Emerging Career

Crossing Borders 1935–44

From Canada to Cleveland

Printing and Painting in the Canadian West

Visiting Canada 1945–68

American Neighbourhoods

Excursions into Abstraction

Waterloo Revival 1968–95




Paintings and Drawings

Block Prints