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Table of Contents for
The End(s) of Community: History, Sovereignty, and the Question of Law, by Joshua Ben David Nichols



Section I: At the End(s) of Community

1. “Community, Number” and Democracy: An Excursus on the Politics of Fraternity

Section II: Writing and Resistance

2. Keeping Time Beneath a Canopy of Skins: Reading at the Limits of Sense and Sign(s)in Augustine and Bataille

3. The Way Out Is Through: Sade’s Novel and the Crime of Writing

Section III: Bodies of Resistance

4. Between Law and the Slaughterhouse: Kant, Fichte and the “Absolute” Right of Punishment

5. Between the Judge and the Executioner: Revisiting the Silent Foundations of Hegel’s Moral Point of View

6. To Read the Writing of Right: An Excursus on Death and the Foundations of Law in the Penal Colony