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Table of Contents for
Rage and Resistance: A Theological Reflection on the Montreal Massacre by Theresa O’Donovan


Introduction: Roughing It in the Bush

1. Mapping a Way Through

Gregory Baum

Theology and Sociology

Baum’s “Three Theses on Contextual Theology”

Dorothy Smith

Gregory Baum and Dorothy Smith

2. How Does It Happen to Us as It Does?

A Line of Fault

Problematic: The Organization of Power

Backdrop: A Struggle over Meaning

The Social Construction of Knowledge: The Media Presentation

An Alternative Discourse

Articulation to the Social Problem Apparatus: Official Responses

The Tenth Anniversary and Beyond

3. The Stubborn Particulars of Grace




4. What Shall We Tell Our Bright and Shining Daughters?

Recurring Elements

A Spirituality of Resistance

The Road Out

Conclusion: Look Again

Here is needing to go on.

Here is a strategic theology.

Here is a question: Whence change?

Here is back again.


Writing against Forgetting

Five Lines

What I Know

Factsheet: Violence against Women and Girls


Selected Bibliography