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Table of Contents for
Reverse Shots: Indigenous Film and Media in an International Context, edited by Wendy Gay Pearson and Susan Knabe

Part I. Dream Makers

Introduction: Globalizing Indigenous Film and Media | Wendy Gay Pearson and Susan Knabe

1. He Who Dreams: Reflections on an Indigenous Life in Film | Michael Greyeyes

Part II. Decolonizing Histories

2. Speakin’ Out Blak: New and Emergent Aboriginal Filmmakers Finding Their Voices | Ernie Blackmore

3. Taking Pictures B(l)ack: The Work of Tracey Moffatt | Susan Knabe

4. The Journals of Knud Rasmussen: Arctic History as Post/Colonial Cinema | Kerstin Knopf

5. Australian Indigenous Short Film as a Pedagogical Device: Introducing Wayne Blair’s The Djarn Djarns and Black Talk | Colleen McGloin

6.“Once upon a Time in a Land Far, Far Away”: Representations of the Pre-Colonial World in Atanarjuat, Ofelas and 10 Canoes | Wendy Gay Pearson

Part III. Mediating Practices

7. Ka Whawhai Tonu Mātou: Indigenous Television in Aotearoa/New Zealand | Jo Smith and Sue Abel

8. Superhighway across the Sky ... Aboriginal New Media Arts in Australia: A Remix and Email Conversation between Adam Szymanski and Jenny Fraser | Jenny Fraser and Adam Szymanski

9. On Collectivity and the Limits of Collaboration: Caching Igloolik Video in the South | Erin Morton and Taryn Sirove

Part IV. Documentary Approaches

10. The Prince George Métis Elders Documentary Project: Matching Product with Process in New Forms of Documentary | Stephen Foster and Mike Evans

11. “Whacking the Indigenous Funny Bone”: Native Humour and Its Healing Powers in Drew Hayden Taylor’s Redskins, Tricksters, and Puppy Stew | Ute Lischke

12. Situating Indigenous Knowledges: The Talking Back of Alanis Obomsawin and Shelley Niro | Maeghan Pirie

13. “I Wanted to Say How Beautiful We Are”: Cultural Politics in Loretta Todd’s Hands of History | Gail Vanstone

Part V. Other Perspectives

14. Filming Indigeneity as Flânerie: Dialectic and Subtext in Terrance Odette’s Heater | Tanis MacDonald

15. Playing with Land Issues: Subversive Hybridity in The Price of Milk | Davinia Thornley