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Table of Contents for
Feminist Pedagogy in Higher Education: Critical Theory and Practice, edited by Tracy Penny Light, Jane Nicholas, and Renée Bondy


Introduction: Feminist Pedagogy in Higher Education | Renée Bondy, Jane Nicholas, and Tracy Penny Light

1. A Restorative Approach to Learning: Relational Theory as Feminist Pedagogy in Universities | Kristina Llewellyn and Jennifer Llewellyn

2. Feminist Pedagogy in the UK Classroom: Limitations, Challenges, and Possibilities | Jeannette Silva Flores

3. Activist Feminist Pedagogies: Privileging Agency in Troubled Times | Linda Briskin

4. Classroom to Community: Reflections on Experiential Learning and Socially Just Citizenship | Carm De Santis and Toni Serafini

5. Fat Lessons: Fatness, Bodies, and the Politics of Feminist Classroom Practice | Amy Gullage

6. Engaged Pedagogy Beyond the Lecture Hall: The Book Club as Teaching Strategy | Renée Bondy

7. Teaching a Course on Women and Anger: Learning From College Students about Silencing and Speaking | Judith A. Dorney

8. Beyond the Trolley Problem: Narrative Pedagogy in the Philosophy Classroom | Anna Gotlib

9. The Power of the Imagination-Intellect in Teaching Feminist Research | Susan V. Iverson

10. From Muzzu-Kummik-Quae to Jeanette Corbiere Lavell and Back Again: Indigenous and Feminist Approaches to the First-Year Course in Canadian History | Katrina Srigley

11. Don’t Mention the “F” Word: Using Images of Transgressive Texts to Teach Gendered History | Jacqueline Z. Wilson

12. Rethinking “Students These Days”: Feminist Pedagogy and the Construction of Students | Jane Nicholas and Jamilee Baroud

13. Feminist Pedagogies of Activist Compassion: Engaging the Literature and Film of Female Genital Cutting in the Undergraduate Classroom | Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez

14. “I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Seen That Before!”: Feminism, the “Sexualization of Culture,” and Empowerment in the Classroom | Tracy Penny Light

15. Jane Sexes It Up...on Campus? Towards a Pedagogical Practice of Sex | Maggie Labinski