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Table of Contents for
Panic Signs by Cristina Peri Rossi, translated by Merceds Rowinsky-Geurts and Angelo A. Borrás



1. I am very interested in botany

2. I live in a country of old people

3. I have never been in Vermont

4. We have not gone to the moon

5. For more than twenty-five years

6. Sometimes my mother consoles me

7. I spent many years caressing statue

8. I always imagine

9. She brought me passionate presents

10. She hands me the scarf

11. I contribute to the general racket

12. She had been brought from Peru

13. I have a tiny apartment

14. She has given me happiness

15. Dialogue with the Writer

16. For many years I lived

17. When I was mature enough

18. Hell is bloody birds

19. “You are very beautiful”

20. I will till no more

21. In the ghetto of my womb

22. I dreamt that I was

23. Desertion

24. What is happening?

25. As I was walking along

26. The Acrobats

27. Besieged

28. The minister called me

29. “What are you doing?”

30. Disobedience and the Bear Hunt

31. The Statue

32. I possessed her when I was eight

33. Mamá’s Farewell

34. I started to feel your absence

35. At the corner bar

36. When the bishops rebelled

37. A Great Family

38. Such apparent senselessness

39. I was enjoying an ice cream cone

40. Selene I

41. Selene II

42. I have come by train

43. Urgent Messages for Navigators

44. The Social Contract

45. The Stampede

46. The Hero

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