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Table of Contents for
Toronto on Film by Geoff Pevere, Piers Handling, Matthew Hays, Wyndham Wise, Brenda Longfellow, Steve Gravestock, and Justin D. Edwards

Foreword | Piers Handling

By Way of an Introduction | Piers Handling

Flickering City: Toronto on Film until 2002 | Geoff Pevere

Strange Fugitive, Strange City: Reading Urban Space in Morley Callaghan’s Toronto | Justin D. Edwards

Up from the Underground: Filmmaking in Toronto from Winter Kept Us Warm to Shivers | Wyndham Wise

Surfing the Toronto New Wave: Policy, Paradigm Shifts and Post-Nationalism | Brenda Longfellow

Where Is Here? Here Is Queer: Four Defining Bent Moments in Toronto Films | Matthew Hays

Conclusion: Toronto on Film Since 2002 : Steve Gravestock

Key Toronto Films