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Table of Contents for
Sustaining the West: Cultural Responses to Canadian Environments, edited by Liza Piper and Lisa Szabo-Jones

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Introduction: What if the Problem is People? | Liza Piper

Part 1: Acting on Behalf Of

Chapter 1: Grass Futures: Possibilities for a Re-engagement with Prairie | Trevor Herriot

Chapter 2: Wastewest: A State of Mind | Warren Cariou

Chapter 3: Sustaining Collaboration: The Woodhaven Eco Art Project | Nancy Holmes

Chapter 4: A Natural History and Dioramic Performance: Restoring Camosun Bog in Vancouver, British Columbia | Lisa Szabo-Jones and David Brownstein

Chapter 5: A Subtle Activism of the Heart | Beth Carruthers

Chapter 6: Sublime Animal | Maria Whiteman

Chapter 7: The Becoming-Animal of Being Caribou: Art, Ethics, Politics | Dianne Chisholm

Interlude: Creating Metaphors for Change | Lyndal Osborne

Part 2: Constructing Knowledge

Chapter 8: Poetry, Science, and Knowledge of Place: A Dispatch from the Coast | Nicholas Bradley

Chapter 9: Deception in High Places: The Making and Unmaking of Mounts Brown and Hooker | Zac Robinson and Stephen Slemon

Chapter 10: Escarpments, Agriculture, and the Historical Experience of Certainty in Manitoba and Ontario | Shannon Stunden Bower and Sean Gouglas

Chapter 11: Whatever Else Climate Change Is Freedom: Frontier Mythologies, the Carbon Imaginary, and British Columbia Coastal Forestry Novels | Richard Pickard

Chapter 12: Endangered Species, Endangered Spaces: Exploring the Grasslands of Trevor Herriot’s Grass, Sky, Song and the Wetlands of Terry Tempest Williams’s Refuge | Angela Waldie

Chapter 13: What Should We Sacrifice for Bitumen? Literature Interrupts Oil Capital’s Utopian Imaginings | Jon Gordon

Interlude: Symphony for a Head of Wheat Burning in the Dark | Harold Rhenisch

Part 3: Maternal Expressions

Chapter 14: Propositions from Under Mill Creek Bridge: A Practice of Reading | Christine Stewart

Chapter 15: Understory Enduring the Sixth Mass Extinction, ca 2009-11 | Rita Wong

Chapter 16: Seeding Coordinates, Planting Memories: Here, There, & Elsewhere in W.H. New’s Underwood Log | Travis V. Mason

Chapter 17: Re-Envisioning epic in Jon Whyte’s Rocky Mountain Poem The fells of brightness | Harry Vandervlist

Chapter 18: Ware’s Waldo: Hydroelectric Development and the Creation of the Other in British Columbia | Daniel Sims

Afterword: Humming Along With the Bees: A Few Words on Cross-Pollination | Pamela Banting