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Table of Contents for
In Good Faith: Canadian Churches Against Apartheid, by Renate Pratt

Preface by Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu

Foreword by Roger Hutchinson



Part One 1975–80

1. Prelude to Action

2. Canadian Business Ties

Part Two 1981–84

3. Apartheid and the Canadian Government

4. From Acceptance to Unease: Canadian Corporate Responses to Apartheid, 1981–84

Part Three 1985–87

5. The Struggle Intensifies

6. Canada’s Anti-Apartheid Initiatives, 1985–86

Part Four 1987–90

7. The Taskforce and Continuing Canadian Corporate Involvement in South Africa

8. The Long Road Back from Sanctions, 1987

9. The Taskforce and the Abandonment of Canada’s Sanctions Policy, 1988–90

10. Final Reflections

Selected Bibliography