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Table of Contents for
A Kindly Scrutiny of Human Nature: Essays in Honour of Richard Slobodin, edited by Richard J. Preston

Introduction | Richard J. Preston and Harvey A. Feit

Richard Slobodin’s Ethnography and Human Nature | Richard J. Preston

Dick Slobodin: The Anthropology of a Divided Self | Sam Ajzenstat

Slobodin as Example: A Note of a Dialectics of Style | Kenneth Little

Writing against the Grain of Materialist Orthodoxy: Richard Slobodin and the Teetl’it Gwich’in | Robert Wishar and Michael Asch

Histories of the Past, Histories of the Future: The Committed Anthropologies of Richard Slobodin, Frank G. Speck, and Eleanor Leacock | Harvey A. Feit

Slobodin “Among the Métis” 1938–1998: Anthropologist, Scholar, Historian, and Fieldworker par excellence | Mary Black-Rogers

Richard Slobodin and the Creation of the Amerindian Rebirth Book | Antonia Mills

Richard Slobodin as Scholar of Societies | David J. Damas

Caribou Hunt | Richard Slobodin

Richard Slobodin Bibliography