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Table of Contents
Canadian Graphic: Picturing Life Narratives, edited by Candida Rifkind and Linda Warley

Editors’ Introduction | Candida Rifkind and Linda Warley

Part One: Confession and the Relational Self

1. Public Dialogues: Intimacy and Judgment in Canadian Confessional Comics | Kevin Ziegler

2. Untangling the Graphic Power of Tangles: A Story about Alzheimer’s, My Mother, and Me | Kathleen Venema

3. “Oh Well”: My New York Diary, Autographics, and the Depiction of Female Sexuality in Comics | J. Andrew Deman

4. “Say ‘Shit’ Chester”: Language, Alienation, and the Aesthetic in Chester Brown’s I Never Liked You: A Comic-Strip Narrative | James C. Hall

Part Two: Collective Memory and Visual Biography

5. Personal, Vernacular, Canadian: Seth’s Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists as Life Writing | Kathleen Dunley

6. Visual Silence and Graphic Memory: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Two Generals | Linda Warley and Alan Filewood

7. Metabiography and Black Visuality in Ho Che Anderson’s King | Candida Rifkind

Part Three: The Child and the Nation

8. Unsettling and Restorying Canadian Indigenous-Settler Histories in David Alexander Robertson’s The Life of Helen Betty Osborne and Sugar Falls | Doris Wolf

9. Life in Boxes: History, Pedagogy, and Nation-Building in Canadian Biographics for Young Adults | Eva C. Karpinski

10. “Everybody calls me Roch”: Harvey, The Hockey Sweater, and the Invisible Québécois Child | Cheryl Cowdy