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Table of Contents for
Parallel Encounters: Culture at the Canada–Border, edited by Gillian Roberts and David Stirrup


1. Introduction: Culture at the 49th Parallel: Nationalism, Indigeneity, and the Hemispheric | Gillian Roberts and David Stirrup

Popular Culture and/at the Border

2. Queer(y)ing Fur: Reading Fashion Television’s Border Crossings | Jennifer Andrews

3. Meanings of Health as Cultural Identity and Ideology Across the Canada-US Border | Jan Clarke

4. Television, Nation, and National Security: CBC’s The Border | Sarah A. Matheson

5. "Normalizing Relations": The Canada/Cuba Imaginary on the Fringe of Border Discourse | Joanne C. Elvy and Luis René Fernández Tabío

6. How, Exactly, Does the Beaver Bite Back? The Case of Canadian Students Viewing Paul Haggis’s Crash | Lee Easton and Kelly Hewson

Indigenous Cultures and North American Borders

7. Discursive Positioning: A Comparative Study of Postcolonialism in Native Studies Across the Canada-US Border | Maggie Ann Bowers

8. Strategic Parallels: Invoking the Border in Thomas King’s Green Grass, Running Water and Drew Hayden Taylor’s In a World Created by a Drunken God | Gillian Roberts

9. Waste-full Crossings in Thomas King’s Truth & Bright Water | Catherine Bates

10. Bridging the Third Bank: Indigeneity and Installation Art at the Canada-US Border | David Stirrup

11. Cross-Border Identifications and Dislocations: Visual Art and the Construction of Identity in North America | Sarah E.K. Smith

12. Conversations That Never Happened: The Writing and Activism of Gloria Anzaldúa, Maria Campbell, and Howard Adams | Zalfa Feghali

Theorizing the Border: Literature, Performance, Translation

13. "Some Borders Are More Easily Crossed Than Others": Negotiating Guillermo Verdecchia’s Fronteras Americanas | Maureen Kincaid Speller

14. Discounting Slavery: The Currency Wars, Minstrelsy, and "The White Nigger" in T.C. Haliburton’s The Clockmaker | Jade Ferguson

15. Detained at Customs: Jane Rule, Censorship, and the Politics of Crossing the Canada-US Border | Susan Billingham

16. Strangers in Strange Lands: Cultural Translation in Gaétan Soucy’s Vaudeville! | Jeffrey Orr

17. Bodies of Information: Cross-Border Poetics in the Twenty-First Century | Nasser Hussain

18. Bordering on Borders: Dream, Memory, and Allegories of Writing | Lynette Hunter

Notes on Contributors