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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements vii

Introduction "The Body Is a Resonant Chamber" 1 / Dylan Robinson and Keavy Martin

Chapter 1 Imaginary Spaces of Conciliation and Reconciliation: Art, Curation, and Healing 21 / David Garneau

Chapter 2 Intergenerational Sense, Intergenerational Responsibility 43 / Dylan Robinson

Chapter 3 this is what happens when we perform the memory of the land 67 / Peter Morin

Chapter 4 Witnessing In Camera: Photographic Reflections on Truth and Reconciliation 93 / Naomi Angel and Pauline Wakeham

Chapter 5 “Aboriginal Principles of Witnessing” and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada 135 / David Gaertner

Chapter 6 Polishing the Chain: Haudenosaunee Peacebuilding and Nation-Specific Frameworks of Redress 157 / Jill Scott and Alana Fletcher

Chapter 7 Acts of Defiance in Indigenous Theatre: A Conversation with Lisa C. Ravensbergen 181 / Dylan Robinson

Chapter 8 “pain, pleasure, shame. Shame”: Masculine Embodiment, Kinship, and Indigenous Reterritorialization 193 / Sam McKegney

Chapter 9 “Our Roots Go Much Deeper”: A Conversation with Armand Garnet Ruffo 215 / Jonathan Dewar

Chapter 10 “This Is the Beginning of a Major Healing Movement”: A Conversation with Georgina Lightning 227 / Keavy Martin

Chapter 11 Resisting Containment: The Long Reach of Song at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Indian Residential Schools 239 / Beverley Diamond

Chapter 12 Song, Participation, and Intimacy at Truth and Reconciliation Gatherings 267 / Byron Dueck

Chapter 13 Gesture of Reconciliation: The TRC Medicine Box as Communicative Thing 283 / Elizabeth Kalbfleisch

Chapter 14 Imagining New Platforms for Public Engagement: A Conversation with Bracken Hanuse Corlett 305 / Dylan Robinson

Bibliography 321

Discography 342

About the Contributors 343

Copyright Acknowledgements 349

Index 351