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Table of Contents
A History of Antisemitism in Canada by Ira Robinson


Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1 Defining Antisemitism: Jews and Non-Jews in Historical Perspective

Chapter 2 Jews in the Cultures of the Medieval and Early Modern French and English

Part II: Canada and the Jews: Early Encounters (1759-1914)

Chapter 3 Jews in the Consciousness of Canadians in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Chapter 4 The Jewish Problem Comes to Canada

Part III: Jews and Canadian Society (1914-1945)

Chapter 5 Social and Institutional Antisemitism in Canada

Chapter 6 The Spectre of Europe: Nazism and Communism

Part IV: Postwar Canada (1945-present)

Chapter 7 Canada and Antisemitism in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century

Chapter 8 The Holocaust and Its Deniers

Chapter 9 Zionism and Israel

Chapter 10 Perspectives on Antisemitism in Twenty-First-Century Canada