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Table of Contents for
Vulcans, Earthlings and Marketing ROI: Getting Finance, Marketing and Advertising onto the Same Planet by David Rutherford and Jonathan Knowles

Foreword from the ICA



Part 1. Finding Common Ground

1.1 Accountability and ROI

1.2 A Trilingual Story

1.3 No Simple Answer

1.4 What Business Are You In?

1.5 Words, Words, Words

1.6 The Two Meanings of Value

1.7 Vulcans and Earthlings

1.8 Agreeing What Brands Are

1.9 Agreeing That Brands Are Valuable

1.10 Brand Equity—Marketing and Advertising Version

1.11 Brand Equity—Finance Version

1.12 The Idea of Utility—Removing Some Myths

1.13 The Idea of Intangible Assets

1.14 Profit, Growth and Risk

Part 2. Winning Hearts and Minds

2.1 What Would Emerson Say?

2.2 The Marketing Mindset

2.3 The Brand Mindset

2.4 Short- and Long-Term Roles

2.5 Choosing amongst the Possibilities

2.6 Advertising as Investment

2.7 Advertising’s Impact on Profitability

2.8 Advertising’s Long-Term Effect

2.9 The Long Term, from Another Perspective

2.10 The Erosive Effect of Not Advertising

2.11 The Value of Marketing

Part 3. Creating a Shared Accountability Culture

3.1 The Need for Teamwork—Led from the Top

3.2 Measurability

3.3 The “Now and Later” Mindset

3.4 Defining the Causal Model

3.5 The Sales Funnel Model

3.6 The Brand Value Chain Model

3.7 What to Measure

3.8 Drilling Down

3.9 Measuring Brand Equity

3.10 Brand Valuation—When to Do It

3.11 Brand Valuation—How to Do It

3.12 Scorecards and Dashboards

3.13 The Unisys Example

3.14 Drawing the Strands Together

3.15 A Final Word

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