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Table of Contents for
Hindu Iconoclasts: Rammohun Roy, Dayananda Sarasvati, and Nineteenth-Century Polemins against Idolatry by Noel Salmond



Note on Orthography

Introduction: Hindu Iconoclasts: An Anomaly?

The Terminology of Images and Image-Rejection

Theoretical Considerations

One: History of Image-Worship in India

History of Images in India: Pre-Vedic, Vedic, and Post-Vedic

The Great Medieval Theologians: Sankara and Ramanuja on Devotion and Image-Worship

Precedents for Aniconism in Indian History


Two: Rammohun Roy

The Life of Rammohun Roy

The Writings of Rammohun Roy

The Legacy

Three: Dayananda Sarasvati

The Life of Dayananda Sarasvati

The Writings: Satyarth Prakash

Dayananda on Non-Arya Religions

Aniconism and the Nation

Four: Rammohun and Dayananda

Possible Psychological Factors

Historical and Social Influences on Rammohun and Dayananda

Rammohun and Dayananda Compared

Five: Hindu Iconoclasm: Cross-Cultural Dimensions?

Universal Aspects of the Refusal of Images

Image-Rejection, Religious Rationalization, and Modernization

The Impact of Rammohun and Dayananda’s Iconoclastic Call