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Table of Contents for
Onward to the Olympics: Historical Perspectives on the Olympic Games, edited by Gerald P. Schaus

List of illustrations


Introduction | Gerald P. Schaus

List of abbreviations

Part I: The Olympics in Antiquity

An Overview

The Ancient Olympic Games through the Centuries | Nigel B. Crowther


Politics and the Bronze Age Origins of Olympic Practices | Senta C. German

Pindar, Heracles the Idaean Dactyl, and the Foundation of the Olympic Games | Thomas K. Hubbard

The First Olympic Games | Max Nelson

The Transformation of Athletics in Sixth-Century Greece | Paul Christesen

Ideals and Losers

The Ancient Olympics and Their Ideals | Nigel B. Crowther

Olympic Losers: Why Athletes Who Did Not Win at Olympia Are Remembered | Victor Matthews

Details of the Festival

Judges and Judging at the Ancient Olympic Games | David Gilman Romano

Heroic and Athletic Sortition at Ancient Olympia | Aileen Ajootian

Fabulous Females and Ancient Olympia | Donald G. Kyle

The Halma: A Running or Standing Jump? | Hugh M. Lee

Another View of Olympia

Connections between Olympia and Stymphalus | Gerald P. Schaus

Commemorative Cash: The Coins of the Ancient and Modern Olympics | Robert Weir

Works Cited in Part I

Part II: The Modern Olympics

An Overview

The Olympic Games in Modern Times | Robert K. Barney

The Olympics Before World War II

Duke Kahanamoku—Olympic Champion and Uncle Sam’s Adopted Son: The Cultural Text of a Hawaiian Conqueror | Jim Nendel

Carl Diem’s Inspiration for the Torch Relay? Jan Wils, Amsterdam 1928, and the Origin of the Olympic Flame | Robert K. Barney and Anthony Th. Bijkerk

The Great Progression: A Content Analysis of the Lake Placid News and the Los Angeles Times’ Treatment of the 1932 Olympics | Jonathan Paul

The Olympics After World War II

Womanizing Olympic Athletes: Policy and Practice during the Avery Brundage Era | Kevin B. Wamsley

The Bridge to Change: The 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, South African Apartheid Policy, and the Olympic Boycott Paradigm | Courtney W. Mason

Splitting Hairs: The Struggle between the Canadian Federal Government and the Organizing Committee of 1976 Torontolympiad Concerning South African Participation | David A. Greig

Juan Antonio Samaranch’s Score Sheet: Revenue Generation and the Olympic Movement, 1980-2001 | Stephen R. Wenn and Scott G. Martyn

The Future of the Olympic Games

Olympic Ideals: Pragmatic Method and the Future of the Games | Tim Elcombe

“To Construct a Better and More Peaceful World”, or “War Minus the Shooting”?: The Olympic Movement’s Second Century | Mark Dyreson

Works Cited in Part II

Glossary of Terms