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Table of Contents for
The Netherlandic Presence in Ontario: Pillars, Class, and Dutch Ethnicity by Frans J. Schryer

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Part One: Shifting Ethnicity

Dutch Ethnicity: Genesis and Transfor mation

Dutch Society and the Pillar System

Postwar Migration: FromHolland to Canada

Part Two: Transported Pillars (with Fieldnote Interludes)

Adapting to Ontario

The Spatial Distribution of Dutch-Canadians

Dutch-Canadian Pluralism

The Fate of the Catholic Pillar

The Refor med Pillars

Regional and Inter-National Networks

Language Retention

Negotiating Class Standing

Gender and Dutch-Canadian Ethnicity

Dutch Business

The Dutch Credit Union Movement

Dutch-Canadian Social and Cultural Associations

The Elderly

Part Three: From Immigrants to Dutch-Canadians

Dutch-Canadian Dispositions: Identity and Culture

The Invisible Minority in the Ver tical Mosaic

A Reinterpretation of Immigration and Ethnicity


Glossary of Dutch Words and Acronyms (English)