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Table of Contents for
Skeletons in the Closet: A Sociological Analysis of Famly Conflicts, edited by Aysan Sev’er and Jan E. Trost

Introduction: Opening Closets, Rattling Family Skeletons: What Will They Say? | Aysan Sev’er (University of Toronto Scarborough) and Jan Trost (Uppsala University, Sweden)

1. A Sudden Death and the Long-term Fragmentation of a Family | Aysan Sev’er (University of Toronto Scarborough)

2. Grandmother and Grandson | Jan Trost (Uppsala University, Sweden)

3. Rupture and Repair: The Cascading Effects of Mental Illness on a Family of Innocents | Sheldon Ungar (University of Toronto Scarborough)

4. ‘Not My Happy Ending’: A Family Struggle to Define Roles in a Challenging Time | Thembela Kepe (University of Toronto Scarborough)

5. My Sisters Are the Problem: Sibling Struggles over Power and Identity in Relation to Caring for an Aging Parent | Bonnie Lashewicz (University of Calgary)

6. Sitting at the Steps of Hope, Love, and Hospitality | Hugo Kamya (Simmons College, Boston)

7. A Gay Actor with Multiple Scripts: Impression Management Strategies to Comply with Traditional Chinese Family Norms | Kin Ho Wong (Ryerson University)

8. Noises and Unwanted Odours in Old Closets? | Si Transken (University of Northern British Columbia)

9. A Brother No Longer: A Real Story of Family Dysfunction and Abuse | Anonymous

10. Female Excommunicated: A Life-Course and Family in Conflict with Norms and Tradition | Clary Krekula (Karlstad University, Sweden)

Conclusion: Strategies That Work and That Fail to Work | Aysan Sev’er (University of Toronto Scarborough) and Jan Trost (Uppsala University, Sweden)


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