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Table of Contents
Social Work Artfully: Beyond Borders and Boundaries, edited by Christina Sinding and Hazel Barnes

Preface and Acknowledgements

Introduction | Christina Sinding and Hazel Barnes

1. Where we’ve been and what we are up against: Social welfare and social work in Canada | Donna Baines

2. Where we’ve been and what we are up against: Social welfare and social work in South Africa | Edwell Kaseke

3. How art works: Hopes, claims, and possibilities for social justice | Christina Sinding and Hazel Barnes

Art for Conscientization and Re-Storying Selves

4. Art and storytelling with migrant children: Developing and thickening alternative storylines | Edmarié Pretorius and Liebe Kellen

5. Art towards critical conscientization and social change during social work and human rights education, in the South African post-apartheid and post-colonial context | Linda Harms Smith and Motlalepule Nathane-Taulela

6. When we are naked: An approach to cathartic experience and emotional autonomy within the post-apartheid South African landscape | Khayelihle Dominique Gumede

Art for Community and Cultural Healing, Sustainability, and Resilience

7. Excavating and representing community-embedded trauma and resilience: Suitcases, car trips, and the architecture of hope | Patti McGillicuddy and Edmarié Pretorius

8. Performing understanding: Investigating and expressing difference and trauma | Hazel Barnes

9. Towards an Indigenous narrative inquiry: The importance of composite, artful representations | Randy Jackson, Corena Debassige, Renée Masching, and Wanda Whitebird

Art for Transforming Social Relations

10. Emerging paradigms for managing conflicts through applied arts | Kennedy C. Chinyowa

11. Corroding the comforts of social work knowing: Persons with intellectual disabilities claim the right of inspection over public photographic images | Ann Fudge Schormans

Art for Transforming Social Care Practice

12. Bringing relating to the forefront: Using the art of improvisation to actively perceive relational processes in social work | Cathy Paton

13. Making meaning of our experiences of bearing witness to suffering: Employing A/R/Tography to surface co-remembrance and (dwelling) place | Patti McGillicuddy, Nadine Cross, Gail Mitchell, Nancy Davis Halifax, and Carolyn Plummer