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Table of Contents for
The Independence of South Sudan: The Role of Mass Media in the Responsibility to Prevent by Walter C. Soderlund and E. Donald Briggs

List of Maps and Tables

Preface and Acknowledgements

Chapter 1: Sudan’s North-South Divide

Chapter 2: International Intervention: From Peacekeeping to Humanitarian Intervention to the Responsibility to Protect

Chapter 3: The Responsibility to Prevent: Problems of Identification and Implementation

Chapter 4: Influencing Public Opinion and Foreign Policy Decision Making: The Role of Mass Media

Chapter 5: North American Press Coverage of the 2010 Sudanese Elections

Chapter 6: North American Press Coverage of the 2011 Referendum

Chapter 7: North American Press Coverage of the Declaration of Independence by the Republic of South Sudan

Chapter 8: Assessing the Effectiveness of the Responsibility to Prevent: The Impact of Press Framing on Policy Choices

Postscript: Developments since Independence