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Table of Contents for
Africa’s Deadliest Conflict: Media Coverage of the Humanitarian Disaster in the Congo and the United Nations Response, 1997–2008 by Walter C. Soderlund, E. Donald Briggs, Tom Pierre Najem, and Blake C. Roberts

List of Tables and Maps


The Authors


1 The Congo: Understanding the Conflict

2 The UN Response: From ONUC to MONUSCO

3 Mass Media, Public Awareness and Television News Coverage of the Congo

4 New York Times Framing of the Second Congo War

5 New York Times Framing of the Third Congo War

6 Media Coverage of the Congo Wars: An Overall Assessment

7 Peacekeeping in the Age of R2P

Conclusion: The Impact of Mass Media on “The Will to Intervene”

Postscript: An Update on Events

Appendix: Descriptive Language