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Table of Contents for
The Eighteenth-Century Wyandot: A Clan-Based Study by John L. Steckley


Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Two Questions

Chapter Three: Five Wyandot Strategists of the Late Seventeenth Century: Sastaretsi, Kandiaronk, Sk8tache, the Baron, and Quarante Sols

Chapter Four: Other Nations and the Clans of the Wyandot: Missionaries and Other Strangers Enter Their Midst

Chapter Five: Wyandot Participation in “Christian” Rituals

Chapter Six: Wyandot Leadership: Male Political Roles

Chapter Seven: The Political Roles of Wyandot Women

Chapter Eight: A Summary


Appendix A: The Census

Appendix B: Wyandot Correspondance

B1: Father Richardie’s Introduction to Father Potier

B2: Govenor Longueuil

B3: The Wendat Response

B4: Father Richardie to the Huron of Wendake

B5: Father Richer to Father Potier

Appendix C: N’endi

Appendix D: Festin des Noces