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Table of Contents for
Children in English-Canadian Society: Framing the Twentieth-Century Consensus edited by Neil Sutherland

Foreword | Cynthia Comachhio


Part I: “Elevate the Home”: Changing Attitudes to Children in English-Speaking Canada, 1870–1900

1. “A Good Home and Kind Treatment”: Late-Nineteenth-Century English-Canadian Attitudes to Children and Child-Rearing

2. “Multitudes Better Equipped...than Their Fathers”: A New Childhood for a New Society

Part II: “To Create a Strong and Healthy Race”: Children in the Public Health Movement, 1880–1920

3. “Our Whole Aim Is Prevention”: Public Health in the Schools, 1880–1914

4. “Education...Carried on Principally in the Home”: The Campaign to Reduce Infant Mortality, 1895–1920

5. “Invariably the Race Levels Down”: Mental Hygiene and Canadian Children

6. “How Can We Reach Them?”: Making Child Health a Nation-Wide Enterprise

Part III: “Remove the Young from Schools of Crime”: Transforming the Treatment of Juvenile Delinquents, 1885–1925

7. From Reformatory to Family Home: Late-Nineteenth-Century Young Offenders in the Context of Changing Theory and Prevailing Practice

8. Towards “Intelligent and Progressive Legislation for the Prevention of Crime”: Preparing the Way for the Juvenile Delinquents Act, 1886–1908

9. Trying to Make a “Child into What a Child Should Be‘: Implementing the Juvenile Delinquents Act, 1908–1925

Part IV: “The School Must Be the Agent”: Using the New Education to Make the New Society

10 Changing Albert School: The Institutional Context for Education Reform in Canada, 1890–1920

11. “A Very Strong Undercurrent of Dissatisfaction”: Setting the Stage for the. “New” Education, 1885–1900

12. “The Common Centre from which Radiated Plans and Labours”: The Macdonald-Robertson Movement Demonstrates the New Education to Canadians, 1900–1913

13. From Proposals to Policy: The “New” Education Enters the Main Stream, 1910–1920

Part V: Children in English-Canadian Society in the Twentieht Century

14. “Launch a Generation”: Organizing to Implement the New Consensus


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