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Table of Contents for
Youth, Education, and Marginality: Local and Global Expressions, edited by Kate Tilleczek and H. Bruce Ferguson

Opening Words: Youth Poetry Prose

Introduction: Living Intersections of | Kate Tilleczek and H. Bruce Ferguson

Arts Infused Praxis By, With, and For Youth: Esoteric Hope | Kate Tilleczek and Karima Kinlock

Young People Speaking Back From the Margins | John Smyth

The Unique Status of Marginalization: The Birth of Youth Empowering Parents | Mohammed Shafique and Agazi Afewerki

Marginal Spaces, Disparate Places: Education and Youth in a Globalizing World | Jean Mitchell

A Time for Dreams: The Right to Education for First Nations Youth Living On-Reserve | Jennifer King, Chelsea Edwards, and Cindy Blackstock

Marginalization inside Education: Racialized, Immigrant, and Aboriginal Youth | Anneke Rummens and George Dei

Marginalized Youth in Education: Social and Cultural Dimensions of Exclusion in Canada and the UK | Andy Furlong

On Being Poor at School | Kate Tilleczek

Still Sleeping in the Gay Tent? Queer Youth in Canadian Schools | Tom Hilton

Narrative Understandings of Young Lives In (and Out) of Schools | Vera Caine, Sean Lessard, Pam Steeves, and D. Jean Clandinin

Does Special Education Marginalize Youth? The Need for Evidence-Informed Practice | Peter Chaban

Using Visual Arts to Enhance Mental Health Literacy in Schools | Katherine Boydell

Closing Words: Youth Poetry and Prose