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Table of Contents for
Religious Rivalries in the Early Roman Empire and the Rise of Christianity, edited by Leif E. Vaage



Part I: Rivalries?

Ancient Religious Rivalries and the Struggle for Success: Christians, Jews, and Others in the Early Roman Empire | Leif E. Vaage

The Declining Polis? Religious Rivalries in Ancient Civic Context | Philip Harland

Rivalry and Defection | Stephen Wilson

Is the Pagan Fair Fairly Dangerous? Jewish-Pagan Relations in Antiquity Rena Basser

My Rival, My Fellow: Conceptual and Methodological Prolegomena to Mapping Inter-religious Relations in 2nd and 3rd Century ce Levantine Society Using the Evidence of Early Rabbinic Texts | Jack Lightstone

Part II: Mission?

“The Field God Has Assigned”: Geography and Mission in Paul | Terence Donaldson

The Contra Apionem in Social and Literary Context: An Invitation to Judean Philosophy | Steve Mason

On Becoming a Mithraist: New Evidence for the Propagation of the Mysteries | Roger Beck

Part III: Rise?

Rodney Stark and “The Mission to the Jews” | Adele Reinhartz

“Look How They Love One Another”: Early Christian and Pagan Care for the Sick and Other Charity | Steven C. Muir

The Religious Market of the Roman Empire: Rodney Stark and Christianity’s Pagan Competition | Roger Beck

Why Christianity Succeeded (in) the Roman Empire | Leif E. Vaage

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