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Table of Contents
Public Poetics: Critical Issues in Canadian Poetry and Poetics, edited by Bart Vautour, Erin Wunker, Travis V. Mason, and Christl Verduyn

Introduction: Public Poetics | Erin Wunker and Travis V. Mason

Section I: The Contemporary Field

1. Public Poet, Private Life: 20 Riffs on the Dream of a Communal Self | Sina Queyras

2. The Threat of Black Art, or, On Being Unofficially Banned in Canada | El Jones

3. The Counter/Public in Pain: The Making and Unmaking of Poetry in Canada | Tanis MacDonald

4. Writing the Body Politic: Feminist Poetics in the Twenty-First Century | Heather Milne

5. Rewriting and Postmodern Poetics In Canada: Neo-Haikus, Neo-Sonnets, Neo-Lullabies, Manifestoes | John Stout

Poetry I

The Sturdiness | Sina Queyras

The Sexual Politics of Bluestockings | Tanis MacDonald

Routine | Amanda Jernigan

Volume | Shannon Maguire

September Still | Rob Winger

The inevitability of gravity on glass | Vanessa Lent

Section II: The Embedded Field

6. The Ingeminate Eye: Peter Sanger’s Public Poetics | Amanda Jernigan

7. Reading for a Civic Public Poetic: Toronto in Raymond Souster’s "Ten Elephants on Yonge Street" and Dennis Lee’s Civil Elegies | Will Smith

8. To the Bone: The Instrumental Activism of Dionne Brand’s Ossuaries | Geordie Miller

9. Rearticulate, Renovate, Rebuild: Sachiko Murakami’s Architectural Poetics of Community | Emily Ballantyne

10. "We jimmied the radio": Gillian Jerome, Brad Cran, and the Lyric in Public | Kevin McNeilly

Poetry II

Hungry | Kevin McNeilly

Potter’s Hearing Is Not Khadr’s Ruling | Kathy Mac

The House Which Is Not Extension but Dispositio Itself (from Insecession, and echolation of Secession, by Chus Pato) | from Insecession by Erín Moure

The Avian Flu | Brad Cran

Section III: Expanding the Field

11. Formal Protest: Reconsidering the Poetics of Canadian Pamphleteering | Andrea Hasenbank

12. Radio Poetics: Publishing and Poetry on CBC’s Anthology | Katherine McLeod

13. The Public Reading: Call for a New Paradigm | Erín Moure and Karis Shearer

14. We Are the Amp: A Poetics of the Human Microphone | Michael Nardone

15. Canadian Public Poetics: Negotiating Belonging in a Globalizing World | Diana Brydon