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Table of Contents for
Must Write: Edna Staebler’s Diaries, edited by Christl Verduyn


Introduction: “Life as Writing”

Edna’s Chronology

Family Lines

1. 1920s Words to Express

2. 1930s Longing to Make Something

3. 1940s Must Write

4. “Duellists of the Deep” 1948

5. “How to Live without Wars and Wedding Rings” 1950

6. 1950s Writing

7. 1960s Must Work

8. 1970s Something to Write About

9. “Cape Breton Harbour” (excerpt) 1972

10. “The Great Cookie War” 1987

11. 1980s The Business of Publishing

12. 1990s Must Do

13. 2000 Still Interested and Interesting