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Table of Contents for
Dissonant Worlds: Roger Vandersteene Among the Cree by Earle H. Waugh

Preface and Acknowledgments

Roger (Rogier) Vandersteene, 1918–1976




One. Flemish Matrix: Blood, Art, and Piety

Two: “Steentje’s” Beginnings: Between Family and Flanders

Three: Grouard before Vandersteene: Cree, Catholic, Canadian

Four: “My Little Sisters, My Little Brothers”: From Encounter to Wasabasca

Five: Intransigent Reality: Manitou’s Land, Manitou’s Children

Six: The Great Mystery: Visible and Touchable Art

Seven: Sojourn Charts: Poetry in Serenity and Flux

Eight: Wrestling the Spirits: Powagan, Beethoven, Cancer

Nine: Beyond the Dissonance: Legacy of a Quest

Ten: Theoretical Epilogue: Vandersteene and the Understanding of Religion

Appendix 1: Chronology of Roger (Rogier) Vandersteene’s Life

Appendix 2: Evaluations of Vandersteene Collected during Research

Appendix 3: Ode to Vandersteene by Willem Vermandere

Appendix 4: Names of Informants