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Table of Contents for
From Room to Room: The Poetry of Eli Mandel, selected with an introduction by Peter Webb

Foreword | Neil Besner

Biographical Note

Introduction | Peter Webb

Minotaur Poems

Estevan Saskatchewan

The Fire Place

In the Caves of My City

City Park Merry-Go-Round

Doll on the Mantelpiece


Mary Midnight’s Prologue

Charles Isaac Mandel



The Meaning of the I CHING

Girl on a High Wire


The Madness of Our Polity

The Speaking Earth

From the North Saskatchewan

Two Dream Songs for John Berryman

On the 25th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz

Room XV

On the Renewal of Bombing in VietNam December, 1972


from Out of Place

the return


doors of perception

near Hirsch a Jewish cemetery

STRIKE sept 1931

estevan, 1934

petroglyphs at st victor

the doppelganger

Pictures in an Institution

On the Murder of Salvador Allende

The Madwomen of the Plaza de Mayo

In My 57th Year

Zenith: Saving to Disk

Afterword | Andrew Stubbs