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Table of Contents for
Moving Environments: Affect, Emotion, Ecology, and Film, edited by Alexa Weik von Mossner


Introduction: Ecocritical Film Studies and the Effects of Affect, Emotion, and Cognition | Alexa Weik von Mossner

PART I: General and Theoretical Considerations

1. Emotion and Affect in Eco-films: Cognitive and Phenomenological Approaches | David Ingram

2. Emotions of Consequence? Viewing Eco-documentaries from a Cognitivist Perspective | Alexa Weik von Mossner

3. Irony and Contemporary Ecocinema: Theorizing a New Affective Paradigm | Nicole Seymour

PART II: Anthropomorphism and the Non-Human in Documentary Film

4. On the "Inexplicable Magic of Cinema": Critical Anthropomorphism, Emotion, and the Wildness of Wildlife Films | Bart H. Welling

5. Emotion, Argumentation, and Documentary Traditions: Darwin’s Nightmare and The Cove | Belinda Smaill

6. Documenting Animal Rights and Environmental Ethics at Sea | Robin Murray and Joseph L. Heumann

PART III: The Effects and Affects of Animation

7. Animation, Realism, and the Genre of Nature | David Whitley

8. What Can a Film Do? Assessing Avatar’s Global Affects | Adrian Ivakhiv

9. Animated Ecocinema and Affect: A Case Study of Pixar’s UP | Pat Brereton

PART IV: The Affect of Place and Time

10. Moving Home: Documentary Film and Other Remediations of Post-Katrina New Orleans | Janet Walker

11. Evoking Sympathy and Empathy: The Ecological Indian and Indigenous Eco-activism | Salma Monani

12. Affect and Environment in Two Artists’ Films and a Video | Sean Cubitt

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