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Table of Contents for
Canadian Social Policy: Issues and Perspectives, 5th edition, edited by Anne Westhues and Brian Wharf



I. Introduction

1. Becoming Acquainted with Social Policy | Anne Westhues

II. Who Makes Social Policy and How

2. The Policy-Making Process | Anne Westhues and Carol Kenny-Scherber

3. Approaches to Policy Analysis | Anne Westhues

4. Influencing Policy from Outside: Are Citizens Game Changers or Sidelined? | Joan Wharf Higgins and Fay Weller

5. Indigenous Wholistic Healing Social Policy: Rethinking, Reframing, and Re-presenting Policy Development for Indigenous People | Mac Saulis

6. Racism in Canadian Social Policy | Delores V. Mullings

7. The Quebec Model of Social Policy, Past and Present | Yves Vaillancourt

III. Current Social Policy Issues

8. Single Motherhood in the Canadian Landscape: Postcards from a Subject | Iara Lessa

9. Child Poverty and the Canadian Welfare State | Garson Hunter

10. Back to the Present: Rethinking Risk Assessment in Child Welfare | Marilyn Callahan and Karen Swift

11. Parental Benefits Policy in Canada and Quebec: Sharing the Caring? | Patricia M. Evans

12. Mental Health Policy in Canada | Geoffrey Nelson

13. Keeping Kids Safe in Custody | Judy Finlay

14. Canadians with Disabilities | Peter A. Dunn

15. Caring and Aging: Examining Policy Inequities | Sheila Neysmith

16. Toward Inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual People: Social Policy Changes in Relation to Sexual Orientation | Brian O’Neill

17. Immigration and Refugee Policy in Canada: Past, Present, and Future | Usha George

18. Housing Policy | Jill G. Grant and Tonya Munro

19. Canadian Health Care: Reclaiming Universal Legacies | Mike Burke and Susan Silver

IV. Looking to the Future

20. Social Service Workplaces: Reform Begins at Home | Anne Westhues


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