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Table of Contents for
Essential Song: Three Decades of Northern Cree Music by Lynn Whidden

Table of Figures

Foreword | Eric Robinson


Prologue: The Cree Come to Campus

The Early Years—1970s and 80s

The Last Decade—the 1990s


Musical Profiles of the Contributors

William Jack

George Pepabano

Robert Potts

Abraham Martinhunter

Samson Lameboy

Joseph Rupert

Chapter One: Song and Ceremony

The Drum and the Rattle

The Goose Dance

Healing Songs

Song in Hunting Ceremonies

The Shaking Tent : A Sound Event

Songs about the Shaking Tent

Songs, Sounds, and Silence

Chapter Two: Song and History

Missionary Influence

Fiddle Music


Music and Education

Music and the Media

Chapter Three: Song and Survival

Communication withe Animals

Knowledge and Power in Songs

Women’s Songs

Personal Elements in Song Content

The Words

Trout Song

Song Presentation


Rhythmic Elements


Melodic Elements

The Cree Sound Ideal

Chapter Four: Hymns and Hunting Songs

Missionaries and Cree Songs

Adapting Hymns to Suit Tradition

Gospel Music

Amazing Grace

Chapter Five: How Can You Dance to Beethoven?

Cree Contributions to Country Music

Chapter Six: Powwow in the Subarctic

Round Dances

Powwow Song Characteristics

Chapter Seven: The Powwow: From the South to the Subarctic

The Way He Walked was Different

Powwow: The Popular Music for the Native American


Afterword | Stan Louttit

Appendix I: Frequently Sung Hymns in Chisasibi, Quebec

Appendix II: The Eighty-Six Songs, with Topics and Commentary, of the 1982 and 1984 Collections


List of Sources



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