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Table of Contents for
Canadian Methodist Women, 1766–1925: Marys, Marthas, Mothers in Israel by Marilyn Fardig Whiteley


Introduction: Something in the Atmosphere

Part One: The Legacy of the Itinerancy

1. “Bed and candlestand, for any passing Elisha”: Hospitality and the Founding of Churches

2. Mistress of the Parsonage: The Role of the Itinerant’s Wife

Part Two: Evangelical Experience and the Means of Grace

3. Bible, Closet, and Family Altar: The Private Means of Grace

4. The Grace of Utterance: Class Meetings, Prayer Meetings, and Revivals

Part Three: The Organizing Church

5. “Gospel in bread and butter and afternoon tea”: Benevolence Work and Ladies’ Aids

6. Wide Spheres of Usefulness: Sunday Schools and Church Music

Part Four: The Missionary Movement

7. From Missionary-hens to “an entirely new line”: Women’s Support for Missions

8. “A broader culture, a wider experience”: The Work of the Missionary Society

Part Five: Responding to Change

9. “The Foreigners in Our Cities”: Women and Social Christianity

10. Widening the Field: Responding to a New Era

11. All the Rights and Privileges: The Status of Women within the Church