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Table of Contents for
Text and Artifact in the Religions of Mediterranean Antiquity: Essays in Honour of Peter Richardson, edited by Stephen G. Wilson and Michel Desjardins


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Part One: Peter Richardson: Writer and Teacher

Giving to Peter What Has Belonged to Paul | Michel Desjardins

The Professor’s House | Laurence Broadhurt

Part Two: Text and Artifact in the New Testament World

Reading the Text and Digging the Past: The First Audience of Romans | Lloyd Gaston

Peter in the Middle: Galatians 2:11-21 | L. Ann Tervis

Phoebe, the Servant-Benefactor and Gospel Traditions | Roman Garrison

Paul and the Caravanners: A Proposal on the Mode of “Passing Through Mysia” | Robert Jewett

Benefaction Gone Wrong: The “Sin” of Ananias and Sapphira in Context | Richard S. Ascough

Isaiah 5:1-7, the Parable of the Tenants and Vineyard Leases on Papyrus | John S. Kloppenborg

The Parable of the Tenants and the Class Consciousness of the Peasantry | William E. Arnal

Placing Jesus of Nazareth: Toward a Theory of Place in the Study of the Historical Jesus | Halvor Moxnes

Irony, Text and Artifact: Cross and Superscription in the Passion Narratives | Paul W. Gooch

On the Relation of Text and Artifact: Some Cautionary Tales | James D.G. Dunn

Part Three: Text and Artifact in the World of Christian Origins

Physiotherapy of Femininity in the Acts of Thecla | Willi Braun

Sex and the Single God: Celibacy as Social Deviancy in the Roman Period | Calvin J. Roetzel

“Good Luck on Your Resurrection”: Beth She’arim and Paul on the Resurrection of the Dead | Richard N. Longenecker

The Earliest Evidence of an Emerging Christian Material and Visual Culture: The Codex, the Nomina Sacra and the Staurogram | Larry W. Hurtado

The Aesthetic Origins of Early Christian Architecture | Graydon F. Snyder

“Ascent and Descent” in the Constantinian Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem | Wendy Pullan

Part Four: Text and Artifact in the World of Late-Antique Judaism

Better Homes and Gardens: Women and Domestic Space in the Books of Judith and Susanna | Adele Reinhartz

Tyros, the “Floating Palace” | Ehud Netzer

Epigraphic Evidence for Jewish Defectors | Stephen G. Wilson

Jerusalem Ossuary Inscriptions and the Status of Jewish Proselytes | Terence L. Donaldson

Behind the Names: Samaritans, Ioudaioi, Galileans | Sean Freyne

Friendship and Second Temple Jewish Sectarianism | Wayne O. McCready

What Josephus Says about the Essenes in his Judean War | Steven Mason

The Archaeological Artifacts of Masada and the Credibility of Josephus | William Klassen

Mishnah’s Rhetoric, Other Material Artifacts of Late-Roman Galilee and the Social Formation of the Early Rabbinic Guild | Jack N. Lightstone

Part Five: Text and Artifact in the Greco-Roman World

Apuleius to Symmachus (and Stops in Between): Pietas, Realia and the Empire | Harold Remus

Apuleius the Novelist, Apuleius the Ostian Householder and the Mithraeum of the Seven Spheres: Further Explorations of an Hypothesis of Filippo Coarelli | Roger Beck


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