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Table of Contents for
Anne of Tim Hortons: Globalization and the Reshaping of Atlantic-Canadian Literature by Herb Wyile

List of Illustrations


1: Introduction: “Now Our Masters Have No Borders”

Section One: I’se the Bye That Leaves the Boats: The Changing World of Work

2: Sucking the Mother Dry: The Fisheries

3: “Acceptable Levels of Risk”: Mining and Offshore Oil

4: Uncivil Servitude: The Service Sector

Conclusion to Section One

Section Two: “About as Far From Disneyland as You Can Possibly Get”: The Reshaping of Culture

5: The Simpler and More Colourful Way of Life”

6: Rebuffing the Gaze

Conclusion to Section Two

Section Three: The Age of Sale: History, Globalization, and Commodification

7: “A ‘Sea-Change’ of Sorts”: Newfoundland and Labrador

8: “A Place that Didn’t Count Any More”: The Maritimes

Conclusion to Section Three

Conclusion: Speculative Fiction for the Rest of the Country?


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