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Table of Contents
Subversive Action: Extralegal Practices for Social Justice, edited by Nilan Yu and Deena Mandell


Introduction: Introduction and Salt Making | Nilan Yu and Deena Mandell

Chapter 1: Social Justice and Social Work: Convergence and Divergence in the Wake of the Toronto G20 | Deena Mandell and Alex Hundert

Chapter 2: Challenging State Aggression against Indigenous Australians | John Tomlinson

Chapter 3: Politicizing Welfare and Humanizing Politics: Social Workers Opposing Apartheid South Africa’s Policies | Thérèse Sacco and Jeanette Schmid

Chapter 4: Social Workers, Resistance and Martial Law in the Philippines: A View from Below | Mary Lou Alcid

Chapter 5: Medha Patkar’s Environmental Activism and Professional Social Work: Mass Legitimacy and Myopic Structures | Manohar Pawar and Venkat Pulla

Chapter 6: Challenging State’s Authority and Reclaiming Citizenship: Challenging the Eviction and Deportation of Pavement Dwellers in Bombay, India | Purnima George and Ferzana Chaze

Chapter 7: Nonviolent Resistance: The Landless Rural Workers Movement of Brazil | Wilder Robles

Chapter 8: Subversive Education: Turning Coercive Encounters into Transformative Possibilities | Martha Kuwee Kumsa

Conclusion: Rights, Justice, the Law, and Extralegal Action | Nilan Yu

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