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Table of Contents for
Understanding the Consecrated Life in Canada: Critical Essays on Contemporary Trends, edited by Jason Zuidema


Part I: Numbers and Definition

1. Introduction: Living the Consecrated Life in Canada | Jason Zuidema

2. Le nombre de religieux au Québec : pourquoi est-il monté aussi haut avant 1960 et descendu aussi bas après 1965? | Guy Laperrière

3. Catholic Consecrated Life in Canada: A Statistical Overview | Kathryn Rose Sawyer with Jason Zuidema

4. Le monachisme dans l’çglise et la société : une perspective de sociologie historique | Paul-André Turcotte, c.s.v.

5. La vie religieuse au Québec : une place à trouver et une identité à repenser | Gilles Routhier

Part II: Catholic Religious: Retrospect and Development

6. The Local Bishop in the Renewal of Religious Life After Vatican II: G. Emmett Carter and the Precious Blood Sisters in the Diocese of London, Ontario | Michael Attridge

7. The Canadian Province of the Religieuses de Notre Dame des Missions: The Horizon Reference and Reception of Vatican II, Moving Toward a New Constellation of Meanings | Rosa Bruno-Jofré

8. Experiencing Vatican II: Oral Histories of Women Religious Recalling Change, Challenges, and Creative Solutions | Elizabeth Smyth and Patricia Kmeic

9. Avoiding and Exaggerating Renewal: Maritime Catholic Newspapers’ Reporting on Women Religious, 1962-1975 | Heidi MacDonald and Emily Burton

10. “All Things Pass But Love Remains”: The Closing Decades of a Religious Community | Elizabeth W. McGahan

11. La Conférence Religieuse Canadienne (CRC) : 60 ans au service des communautés religieuses | Yvon Pomerleau, o.p.

Part III: Religious in Christian Traditions: Contemporary Trends

12. Un projet tissé d’espérance et ouvert à la nouveauté : La vie consacrée contemporaine à travers un périodique catholique francophone, la revue En Son Nom (2003-2012) | Dominique Laperle

13. Entre tradition et innovation : nouveaux instituts, communautés nouvelles et nouvelles formes de vie consacrée au Canada | Rick van Lier, o.p.

14. Les instituts séculiers : nouveaux espoirs et nouveaux défis | Gabrielle Lachance

15. New Monasticism among Evangelical Protestants | Martha Elias Downey

16. Canadian Catholic Religious Orders and the Social Economy Movement in Canada | Robert McKeon

17. “A Prey to History”: The Decline of Religious in Canada 1959-1988 | Darren J. Dias

18. Standing on Holy Ground: Benedict, Francis, and Monastic Environmentalism | Cory Andrew Labrecque

19. Les causes de canonisation, porteuses de mémoire des communautés | Claude Auger

Part IV: Other Religious Traditions: Contemporary Trends

20. Buddhist and Other Monasticisms in Canada | Victor Sōgen Hori

21. The Thai Buddhist Forest Tradition in Ontario | Julia Stenzel

22. The Avatamsaka Sagely Monastery and New Perspectives on Globalized Buddhism in Canada | Lina Verchery

23. Buddhist Meditation and the Consecrated Life: The Sītavana Birken Forest Monastery | Yunchange (Jack) Liu

24. Cultivating the Life of Divinity: The Consecrated Lifestyle of the Sri Chinmoy Centres of Canada | Michelle Rebidoux

25. Renouncing the World to Get Engaged? Gampo Abbey and the Role of Monasticism in a Lay Buddhist Movement | Barbara Clayton

26. Changing Perceptions of Monasticism within Ontario Khmer and Lao Buddhist Communities | Janet McLellan and Marybeth White