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Can the World Be Governed?

Possibilities for Effective Multilateralism

Alan S Alexandroff, editor

Studies in International Governance Series

Paper 444 pp.

ISBN13: 978-1-55458-041-5

Release Date: February 2008

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In this book, leading international relations experts and practitioners examine through theory and case study the prospect for successful multilateral management of the global economy and international security. In the theory section contributors tackle the big questions: Why is there an apparent rising tide of calls for reform of current multilateral organizations and institutions? Why are there growing questions over the effectiveness of global governance? Is the reform of current organizations and institutions likely or possible? Case studies include the examination of difficulties facing global development, the challenges facing the IMF and the governance of global finance, the problems of the UN 2005 World Summit and its failed reform, and the WTO and the questions raised by the prolonged Doha Development Round.

Co-published with the Centre for International Governance Innovation

Editor Alan S. Alexandroff is the director of research for the Programme on Conflict Management and Negotiation at the Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto.


“The twenty-first century appears to hold little promise for multilateralism, as the United States resists its constraints and dynamic powers such as Brazil and India complain of its inequities. This array of distinguished scholars argues powerfully and convincingly for a reformed multilateralism that reflects both American and global interests.”

— Miles Kahler, University of California, San Diego

“Answering in the affirmative the question posed by the title of this useful and timely book—can the world be governed?—is the single most important challenge facing the human race. In the face of mega-threats like global warming and nuclear proliferation, the world must not only be able to govern itself, it must learn to do so effectively and soon. Alan Alexandroff has assembled some of the most disciplined, knowledgeable, and experienced minds to ponder both the problem and the solution. They have provided just the right combination of hard-headed analysis, bold vision, and pragmatic recommendations. A real service to a vital cause.”

— Strobe Talbott, author of The Great Experiment

Can the World Be Governed? provides a valuable, if often quite basic, introduction to the issues confronting global governance. Its well-known contributors address a broad array of issues, from institutional creation to the relationship between multi- and unilateralism and the impact of national government structures on those of global governance.... The empirical material provides clear illustrations of the complexities faced by actors seeking to bring better order to the chaos of international political action.... Certainly a useful first reference for those looking to learn more about global governance, today and tomorrow.”

— Laura Carsten, Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany, Millennium Journal of International Studies