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Developments in Buddhist Thought

Canadian Contributions to Buddhist Studies

Roy C. Amore, editor

SR Supplements Series

Paper 198 pp.

ISBN13: 978-0-91981-211-6

Release Date: October 1979

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Nine Canadian scholars of Buddhism consider philosophical and cultural issues in Buddhist thought. Part I, “On Being,” discusses the philosophical problem of Being in the school of the Middle Way, Mādhyamika Buddhism, and in the Tantric School of Mahāyāna Buddhism. Part II, “On the Indian Milieu,” surveys Hindu views of Buddhism and explores Buddhism’s relationship with other Indian religious and philosophical traditions. Part III, “On the Chinese Milieu,” analyzes developments in Buddhist thought in China.

Roy C. Amore, a member of the Department of Religious Studies of the University of Windsor, holds the Ph.D. degree from Columbia University. He has contributed to Death and Eastern Thought, Religious Systems and Psychotherapy, and the Abingdon Dictionary of Living Religion. His book Two Masters, One Message compares the lives and teachings of Buddha and Christ.

Developments in Buddhist Thought

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