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A Cross-Cultural Dialogue on Health Care Ethics

Harold Coward and Pinit Ratanakul, editors

Paper 288 pp.

ISBN13: 978-0-88920-325-9

Release Date: April 1999

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The ethical theories employed in health care today assume, in the main, a modern Western philosophical framework. Yet the diversity of cultural and religious assumptions regarding human nature, health and illness, life and death, and the status of the individual suggest that a cross-cultural study of health care ethics is needed.

A Cross-Cultural Dialogue on Health Care Ethics provides this study. It shows that ethical questions can be resolved by examining the ethical principles present in each culture, critically assessing each value, and identifying common values found within all traditions, It encourages the development of global awareness and sensitivity to and respect for the diversity of peoples and their values and will advance understanding as well as help to foster a greater balance and a fuller truth in consideration of the human condition and what makes for health and wholeness.

Harold Coward is a professor of history and director of the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society at the University of Victoria.

Pinit Ratanakul is director of the Centre of Religious Studies at Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand. He has written extensively on bioethics and Buddhism.

A Cross-Cultural Dialogue on Health Care Ethics

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