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Big Picture Realities

Canada and Mexico at the Crossroads

Daniel Drache, editor

Paper 312 pp.

ISBN13: 978-1-55458-045-3

Release Date: October 2008

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In the post-NAFTA era, Canada and Mexico face dramatic and irreversible changes from the Bush revolution in foreign public policy, the rising economic power of China and India, new concerns about border security and human rights, and the trends of economic integration. The essays in Big Picture Realities: Canada and Mexico at the Crossroads address the sea change in the political economic order of North America and chronicle the attempts of Canada and Mexico, two very different societies, to come to terms with the accumulated and often contradictory effects of micro and macro changes.

Contributors are Canadian and Mexican scholars and leading authorities in security, immigration, human rights, foreign policy, Canada-Mexico relations, and market integration. This book is particularly valuable for public policy experts and scholars and students in international relations.

Daniel Drache is a leading expert on global trade governance and North American integration. He is the author of Borders Matter: Homeland Security and the Search for North America (2004), a revised edition of which was published in Spanish in 2007. The editor of a special edition of Canada Watch—“Deep Integration: North America Post-Bush”—he is also a member of the Centre for International Governance Innovations (CIGI) North American Portal advisory committee.


“[T]he book is an extremely welcome and useful addition to scholars’ continental and transnational understandings of the region, and should easily be adopted for course on North American economies, international relations, political economy, and borderlands history or studies.... Likewise, the chapters are relatively short and well written and the book reads quickly—strong points that add to its value for class use.”

— Sterling Evans, University of Oklahoma, American Review of Canadian Studies

Big Picture Realities is a must read to grasp NAFTA’s wide-ranging impact on Mexico and Canada. Most importantly, this collection steers the reader through the complex realities of the “post-NAFTA era”—where security and immigration concerns overshadow the economic integration agendas of the 1990s—and maps out the challenges and opportunities for the Mexican and Canadian governments in the 21st century. I highly recommend it.”

— Eduardo Canel, Director, Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean, York University

Big Picture Realities is a ground-breaking collection that analyzes Canada and Mexico in new and innovative ways. It is a critical contribution for rethinking integration at a time of global structural change.”

— José Luis Valdés-Ugalde, Director, Centro de Investigaciones sobre América del Norte (CISAN), Universidad Nacional Auténoma de México (UNAM)