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Ink Against the Devil

Luther and His Opponents

Harry Loewen

Hardcover 335 pp.

ISBN13: 978-1-77112-135-4

Release Date: May 2015

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Paper 335 pp.

ISBN13: 978-1-77112-136-1

Release Date: May 2015

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Sixteenth-century Reformation Europe was a tumultuous time during which many defining ideas of the modern era were formulated. The technological advancement augured by the Gutenberg press allowed the unprecedented circulation of ideas among a growing legion of literate Europeans.

The writings of radical reformer Martin Luther were perhaps most influential of all. His opposition to the universal Roman Catholic Church fundamentally challenged the elites and their institutions. Along the way, Luther was opposed by the Church, the political powers of the day, and competing religious ideologies. Ink Against the Devil distills the major impulses from these debates that continue to resonate to this day.

This book will appeal to both lay and professional scholars of the Reformation and its major players with prose that is accessible and free of jargon. Loewen directly addresses the debates between Luther and his many foes, including Humanists like Erasmus and the sectarian opponents found among contemporary Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Of particular interest will be a focus on anti-semitism throughout Luther’s published writings and sermons. There may be no other examples of this book’s scope in such a natural, narrative presentation.

Dr. Harry Loewen was the founding Chair of Mennonite Studies at University of Winnipeg. During his tenure overseeing the chair, he also founded The Journal of Mennonite Studies (1983) which continues the vibrant dialogue regarding issues related to Mennonite history, culture, and literature.